Where To Find A Service Car In Tempe

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Automotive


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If you are in the process of having your vehicle repaired in Tempe, Arizona, or if you are having a part on your vehicle replaced then you may be in the market for a service car in Tempe. A service car is a vehicle which is lent to someone whose car is in the process of being maintained in order to allow them to get around town in the interim prior to the car’s completion. There are a number of ways to acquire a service car while your car is being worked on, and each of them is relatively quick and simple.

The fastest way to acquire a service car in Tempe is to speak to the automotive specialists or technicians at the repair shop where you are having your car serviced. In all likelihood, they probably offer some sort of service car to individuals whose cars are going to be serviced for more than a day to ensure that those individuals are not inconvenienced by the servicing. In order to properly accommodate all of their customers, however, they may have a limit on the number of service cars which they are able to provide. To get a better idea of whether or not your repair shop offers this type of service, simply speak with one of your automotive technicians or specialists about the possibility. They may or may not charge you for the service, depending upon the size of their organization, as well as your past collision history and liability. If they are generous enough to allow you to borrow one of their service cars, you will not need to seek further assistance.

If you were not able to acquire a service car Tempe from your automotive specialist or technician, then there are alternative options for finding a suitable vehicle to get you around town. The easiest way to find a vehicle would be to contact a car rental agency, such as Enterprise. These agencies operate solely for the purpose of providing the citizens of Tempe with service cars while their vehicles are being serviced. This may very well be the best way for you to acquire a service car in Tempe while your vehicle is being worked on. If you are able to find a rental agency which is able to provide you with a service car, then you will be all set. Otherwise, you may have to wait until your vehicle gets out of the shop.

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