When to Consider an Oil Change Cedar Hills Secret

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Automobile


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When it comes to an oil change Cedar Hills drivers mostly depend on their windshield reminder stickers. However, the experts have one piece of advice for you – drop the habit. As an alternative, you should follow the recommended service intervals as suggested by the automaker. A majority of modern vehicles also have an oil life monitoring system that lets you know when you should go in for a change. Below are some secrets that will help you determine the best time to change your oil. Visit website for more information.

Using the Car Owner’s Manual

You will find the oil change information listed on the maintenance chapter of the owner’s manual. If you have misplaced your owner’s manual, then you can find it online. Another way is to check in motoring websites for extensive information on maintenance (sometimes for cars running all the way back to the 80s’). The manual lists three types of service schedules based on normal, severe and special driving conditions. Take the time to identify your driving habits.

Check the Oil Life Monitor

Most automakers install oil life monitors in their vehicles with varying degrees of complexity. The most basic version acts more like a maintenance minder than an actual system. They usually turn on the maintenance light once they hit a pre-determined mileage range. Advanced systems monitor information from copious sensors mounted all through the car and use complex algorithms to calculate oil life. Such systems help take the guesswork out of determining the next due service.

Using Time

If you have a weekend vehicle or one that has low mileage, you will probably need to change the maintenance schedule. Oil is likely to be contaminated by gases blown by pistons and the longer oil sits with the contamination, it degrades more. Automakers offer recommendations for oil changes at set periods or miles – whichever comes first. This information is also available in the owner’s manual.

Other ways to determine the best time for an oil change Cedar Hills drivers can use include getting an oil analysis. This will help to determine your oil’s condition as well as reveal any issues that the engine could be experiencing. Another way is to get extended life oils, as recommended by the experts at Du Fresnes Auto Service Inc.

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