What To Ask Of The Car Dealers San Luis Obispo Has To Offer

For most of us, owing a car is truly a necessity. Given the current economical conditions, there aren’t that many who can afford a new car, so a used one will have to do. But, in either case, there are some things you need to do when negotiating the deal – otherwise, the dealer will have you in the palm of his hand. And believe it or not, car dealers – San Luis Obispo based or elsewhere – will actually regard you more highly if you challenge him; everyone respects an equal.

Now, the first thing you need to do is maintain a calm and patient look. This gives you flexibility to negotiate. If the dealer sees you in a hurry, he might toughen his position. The business world is like a jungle; if they smell weakness, they will go for the kill. Likewise, do not be too strict, or you risk cutting off the negotiation.

Next, you should talk money. Don’t be too eager to advance a sum, because that sum will be the minimum amount the dealer will be willing to go. If you let him take the initiative, you might be able to work a better deal than the one you had in mind.

Another thing to be aware of when speaking with the car dealers San Luis Obispo is home of is to tell them that you have seen a better offer on the same car elsewhere. A while ago that didn’t impress them much, but now you have better odds of them lowering the price a bit. Still, note that this action is sort of a long-shot.

When it comes to how you intend to pay for the car, keep the option of a trade in open. The odds of getting a better deal on the car go up slightly. Also, be sure to talk about the monthly payments after the final price has been decided on. This way, you avoid any risk of the price going up due to inflated installments.

Lastly, you should ask the dealer to show you the Carfax/Recall report. The odds of the dealer not doing this are slim, but it never hurts to be careful. In case he refuses to do so, you should move along to the next dealer.

Most car dealers San Luis Obispo has to offer are trustworthy and do not require any special attention, their services being of high standard, but, as already mentioned, they appreciate a knowledgeable customer, one who knows the subtle arts of negotiation. Plus, you eliminate any unwanted risks.

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