What Goes Into Professional Auto Hail Damage Repair in Colorado Springs CO

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Automotive


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Any damage to your vehicle can be distressing, but damage caused by hail is particularly challenging to repair properly, and if no repair is done, the finish can be ruined and rust and corrosion can set in. Each dimple mark left by hail is a potential rust spot, so it will take a team that knows how to deal with Auto Hail Damage Repair Colorado Springs CO to do the job quickly and professionally.

Certified automotive repair technicians will do an assessment of your vehicle and come up with a plan to effectively repair it. There are three main plans of attack that professionals use when confronted with hail damage, and the procedure used will depend on the type, severity, and location of the damage. Many times a hail-dented roof can be fixed relatively easily by removing the headliner and associated plastic trim pieces and simply pushing the dent out. This will remove the dent without harming the finish of the vehicle, so no painting is required. The next method of dealing with hail damage involves more work, time, and expense; this involves grinding and filling the dents, then repainting the damaged area. If the area that is affected is large, it may entail repainting the entire vehicle. The third method is just to replace any damaged panels. This will also require paint-matching the panels so they go with the rest of the vehicle, and there is no telling how fast these panels can be acquired, painted and installed, so there is a time issue with this method, as well.

You may be tempted to purchase a dent repair kit and attempt the repairs yourself, but the kits have a limited success rate, and you may need to turn things over to experts in Auto Hail Damage Repair Colorado Springs CO to complete the job. There are also all types of home remedies using hair dryers and even dry ice, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the finish of a vehicle and you may end up doing considerably more damage than the hail did.

The ASE, I-Car, and Spies-Hecker certified technicians at The Body & Fender Shop can provide you with a free estimate for any size vehicle, from compact cars to RV’s. Where financing is concerned, they are flexible and can work with all major insurance companies.

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