Used Auto Parts In Columbia MO, Are They Worth It?

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Automotive


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There are many times when used auto parts in Columbia MO can be just as good as new parts. The back yard mechanic is offered a cheaper alternative to either new parts or reconditioned parts. Many used parts can still have a lot usable life left in them depending on the vehicle they come from. A moving engine part such as a cam shaft from a car with 300,000 miles on it would not be a good deal nor would a door from a car that was totaled in a collision. Common sense will tell you a great deal about the parts value to you.

When buying used auto parts in Columbia MO be careful. Make sure you have the year, make, model and VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car you’re buying the parts for before you start shopping. There is nothing more useless than an auto part that doesn’t work or doesn’t fit; you need the correct part that is in good condition.

As you may appreciate there are used parts that can be OK to use, parts that maybe are acceptable and parts that are a no-no. A few examples of parts that are always OK to use would be bumpers, jack, valve cover, windshield wiper arm and stereo. These are parts which are very rarely used or are stationary and don’t move in their function. Parts that may be acceptable for use are cylinder heads, fuel pump, radiator and transmission. Parts in this category may or may not be damaged so they must be inspected carefully before use. Parts that must never be used are those which take a lot of wear and tear such as clutch plates, muffler, brake discs and brake shoes. You will find that most used parts dealers have integrity and they will tell you if a certain part is usable or not.

Once you have identified the parts you need think about it. If the car to be repaired is quite old or the part fits in the maybe or never category from above then head straight for an auto parts store and buy either a reconditioned part or a new part. If the part you need in your opinion can be used then locate the nearest junk yard. Some dealers of used auto parts in Columbia MO will actually let you go into the yard and remove the part yourself, at times offering a discount on the price. If the part you are buying is a candidate for reconditioning the dealer will quite often charge a deposit which is refunded if you return the failed part which he in turn can rebuild.

Other places to find used auto parts in Columbia MO are swap meets, eBay and on-line dealers.

The best place to find used car parts in Columbia, MO area is St. James Auto and Truck Parts. With daily deliveries in the Jefferson City, Springfield, St. Louis triangle you can find your parts on line, order them and have them dropped off at your home or garage.

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