Truck Tire Repair in Maui – Common Issues with Truck Tires

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Truck Parts


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Truck tires generally need to be replaced within a much shorter time period as compared to passenger cars, primarily because trucks are driven much more frequently than cars. Usually, companies that have truck fleets often have to hire drivers to take them all around the country over routes that span hundreds of miles. Naturally, the tires wear out over time and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Here are a few common issues that might indicate the need for truck tire repair in Maui.


If the tires skid every time you apply the brakes, you might want to consider getting them replaced. This is a classic sign of the treads getting worn out over time, and could result in a serious accident. If the tires are losing their grip on the roads, such a problem could cause a major accident if you are unable to apply the brakes on time. You will need to take your car to a local shop that offers truck tire repair in order to get them checked out. You can get more information by visiting the company’s local website as well.

Improper Fitting

If you have to get your tires filled with air after every few days, it might indicate a much serious problem. This issue is usually caused due to a number of factors, the most common of which is the excessive heat that can permanently alter the shape of the tire. If a tubeless tire loses its shape, you will have no option but to take it to a truck tire repair company. In certain cases, it might be impossible to repair the tires, so you will have no option but to buy replacement tires from the company and install them on your truck.

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