TPMS and Tire Services in Tupelo MS

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Tires


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Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are intended to warn drivers that a tire (or tires) are underinflated and unsafe to use. The Mac’s Tire Center indicator is a symbol on the instrument panel that illuminates when tire pressure is low. Thousands of cars hit the road each day with underinflated tires, but tire services in Tupelo MO can help to prevent many accidents.

Indirect TPMS

These TPMS systems rely on speed sensors used by the ABS (antilock braking system). Speed sensors measure the speed with which the wheels turn, and they can be used by other on-board systems to compare with other vehicle data. Based on revolution rate, the vehicle’s computer can interpret the tires’ size. When wheels spin faster than expected, the computer determines that the tire needs are and notifies the driver. Some of the advantages of this type of TPMS include:

*     Low relative price

*     Less maintenance than direct TPMS

*     Easier installation

Disadvantages include:

*     Inaccuracy when smaller or bigger tires are installed

*     Decreased reliability when tires aren’t worn evenly

*     Reset required after tires are inflated, or after a rotation

Direct TPMS

A direct TPMS system uses sensors within the tires to monitor pressure and temperature in some cases. The system sends information to a control module where it’s analyzed and transmitted to the instrument panel. Direct systems send the data wirelessly, and each sensor has a serial number to set itself apart from the other sensors. Most manufacturers’ technologies are proprietary, and proper TPMS replacement requires the help of a skilled professional. Visit the website to know more.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Direct TPMS

A direct TPMS delivers internal readings from each tire. They are very reliable, not being influenced by tire rotations and replacements. Batteries within the sensors can last up to ten years, and the sensors are often included in spare tires. However, installation can be more expensive, and synchronization can be tricky.

Although methods differ, both TPMS systems serve an identical purpose. Even though these systems can deliver reliable alerts when they are properly maintained, they cannot replace manual pressure checks. A tire pressure monitoring system is just one part of the Tire Services in Tupelo MO that are offered by Business Name.

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