Tips on Buying Used Quads in Tucson

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Vehicles


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One of the best ways for a person to let off some steam and forget about their stress is by taking a ride on an ATV. There are a number of different ATVs and quads on the market and finding the right one will take some research on your part. For most prospective quad buyers, purchasing a new one is out of the question due to the price tag, which is why they usually buy used. In order to have a well used buying experience, there are a few things you will have to pay attention to. Here are a couple of factors you have to consider when buying Used Harley Davidson in Tucson.

Check the Condition of the Oil

The first thing you need to look at when trying to decide whether or not to buy a used quad is the oil. You want to make sure that you are able to verify that the oil is full and that there is no water mixed in with it. If you do notice white chunks in the oil, then there is a good chance that the head gasket has been compromised. The more time you take to check out the details of the quad in question, the easier you will find it to make the right decision.

Will it Crank Without Starting Fluid

The next thing you will need to check when trying to vet a potential quad purchase is whether or not it will crank on its own. If the only way the quad in question will crank up is after a few squirts of starting fluid, then you will need to check out the fuel system. The last thing you want to do is to buy a quad that has repair issues due to the money pit it can create.

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