Tips for Transmission Repair in Tucson: When You Should Get a Fluid Flush

by | May 14, 2013 | Automobile


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For most drivers, having the transmission flushed every two years or 30,000 miles is enough. However, there may be cases where more frequent flushing is required to protect the transmission’s moving parts. Below are some signs that your vehicle may be in need of a fluid flush or transmission repair Tucson.

Noises/Grinding: If your transmission is filled with sludge, grease and dirt, it will exhibit many of the same symptoms as if it were lacking fluid. If you hear grinding or other strange noises, you should get off the road and check fluid levels while the vehicle is running. Your transmission fluid should be bright red, not black or brown. If fluid levels are sufficient but your transmission is still making noise, it’s probably time for a flush.

Shifting Issues: Whether your car is a standard shift or an automatic, your car needs clean, free-flowing transmission fluid. A dirty or sludgy transmission will respond sluggishly, which can result in too-quick shifting. In a standard shift vehicle, shifting may be very difficult or even impossible.

Gear Slippage: Dirty transmissions can bring about a lack of power in much the same way as not having enough fluid. To stay in gear, the transmission must create enough pressure. When the fluid is too dirty, it cannot get where it needs to go. If your transmission is otherwise healthy and has enough fluid, you likely have a blockage which needs to be flushed.

Surging: When a transmission is filled with dirt and grime, you might notice that your vehicle ‘surges’ without explanation. Because a dirty transmission doesn’t allow fluid to flow freely, your vehicle will jump forward and fall back when gears don’t operate smoothly inside the bell housing.

Delayed Movement: If your vehicle doesn’t move for a second or two after being put into gear, it may be time for a fluid flush. If your transmission has no other issues, a flush may resolve the problem.

Regular fluid flushes are essential in prolonging the useful life of your transmission and can reduce the need for costly repairs. However, if your vehicle is exhibiting any of the symptoms above you may have a bigger problem. It’s best to take your car to a professional transmission repair in Tucson for evaluation.

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