Tips for Getting the Car You Want From a Used Chrysler Dealership

Buying used cars is part science and part art-,and walking away can put a person in a stronger bargaining position at a Used Chrysler Dealership. However, if a deal seems irresistible, walking away can be hard to do. Follow these negotiation tips to get a great price on the perfect pre-owned car from Website.

Price-Check Comparable Models
The most valuable tip on negotiating used car prices is to know the actual value of the car. In some instances, sellers under-price cars to sell them quicker or because there are mechanical issues to consider. It pays to do some research before negotiations begin so the reasons for the low price are clear. It’s easy to find a Kelley Blue Book price, but it’s a bit more difficult to find out what similar cars are going for in your area.

Learn The Car’s History
Once the field has been narrowed, and negotiations are to begin, customers should turn their focus to the vehicle’s maintenance and inspection history. Most experts recommend that customers have the car inspected by an impartial mechanic before bargaining starts. Running a vehicle history report can save customers thousands in terms of future repairs.

Bargaining Tips
Whether the customer buys from a Used Chrysler Dealership or a private party, there are other points that can be negotiated.
       *     Tell the seller that the deal can be paid in cash and have a limit in mind-;but don’t say what that limit is.

       *     If cash payment isn’t an option, get financing pre-approval, so there’s a limit set.

       *     Make the offer a bit less than the car’s perceived value, but don’t make it too low or the seller may not take the buyer seriously.

       *     Don’t jump at the first offer the seller gives. Ask if there are any extras that can be included at no charge.

       *     Wait until the dealer brings in a “closer” or a manager to sweeten the deal.

Once an agreeable price is reached, conclude the transaction properly and, if the price isn’t right, don’t be afraid to walk away from the deal. After all, another used car deal is right around the corner!

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