Three Serious Signs You Need Auto Emissions Repair in Wildomar, CA

by | May 2, 2017 | Auto Repair


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Some car owners allow what they believe to be minor repairs to fall onto the back burner and get forgotten about for months but some cannot be put off for a single day. If for any small reason you begin to suspect that something has gone wrong with your exhaust, it may be necessary to immediately book auto emissions repair. Acting quickly after this type of problem could not only keep your vehicle road-legal but it could very well save the health of you or one of your passengers.

Fewer MPGs

An exhaust leak near your car’s manifold could potentially reduce your fuel efficiency by as many as four MPGs. This is due to the sensors that read the outgoing and incoming oxygen levels being misled by the leak, causing them to overcompensate by burning more fuel. Auto emissions repair in Wildomar, CA could help you gain back your missing MPGs and it could also help you save money in fuel over time.

Subtle Changes

If you press your foot onto your gas pedal and feel it vibrate, especially when you accelerate, it could be that you have an exhaust leak and need Wildomar auto emissions repair to handle the problem. Even leaks the size of pinholes can cause cars to vibrate as gas escapes at high velocity. Larger leaks will cause more significant vibration that can be felt by anyone in the car but the most significant vibration is when you press on the gas pedal.

More Engine Noise

The most common sign that you need auto emissions repair is if you notice your engine giving off much more noise than usual. As exhaust is leaked out of the engine, it can cause a loud rumbling as you drive the vehicle. The symptom is likely to be more significant during acceleration.

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