Three Common Wheel and Tire Problems in Annapolis and How to Fix Them

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Auto Repair


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The wheels and tires are the foundation of your vehicle. Therefore, you have to make sure that you keep up with maintenance tasks and address any concerns that may arise. The following are three of the most common problems that occur with wheels and tires and some information on resolving them.

Uneven Treadwear

Uneven tread wear occurs for a variety of reasons. Improper inflation of your tires could be one cause of it. You can check the correct pressure on your door jamb to ensure that you have your tires inflated properly. Once you find out the proper air pressure, make sure you never pump them up too little or too much. Check your air pressure at least once a week, to be sure.

Shaking and Vibrating

Shaking and vibrating issues come from improper wheel balancing or skipping maintenance balances. You should have your tires balanced at least once every 7,500 miles to avoid issues.

Pulling to One Side

You may need an alignment if your tires seem like they’re pulling to one side or the other. A four-wheel alignment in Annapolis, MD will make sure that your wheels are perpendicular to the ground. The four-wheel alignment in Annapolis, MD will stop the pulling that you’re experiencing and spare your tires of wearing down on one side or the other. You must schedule an appointment as quickly as possible to get that taken care of.

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