There Is A Way to Get Cash for Cars in Tinley Park

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Automobile


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There is a way for you to find out how you can get cash for cars in Tinley Park.

If you have a junk car just sitting around you can sell it for parts or for its scrap value. By selling the vehicle to a dealer who pays cash on the spot for salvageable automobiles you can realize at least some value from it. Once the junk yard has paid you cash for cars in Tinley Park he in turn sells the stripped off components to other owners and to repair shops. There is a profit in the transaction for them, this was why they bought it from you. Before you decide to sell the junk car, there are a few things which you will need to do to get the maximum price for it.

If you have the title, good. If you don’t have the title, you will need to get it. Junk yards cannot buy the car from anyone but the registered owner so make sure it’s in your name before you start calling around.

Attempt to establish the cars value. Cars up to 20 years old can still be found in the blue book, this knowledge alone will help you get the maximum cash for cars in Tinley Park. While establishing the value of the car do not just rely on the blue book, there may be people who want to buy the car as they are either repairing a similar model or they want to restore yours. You may also find that spending a few dollars to get it running again may result in a higher price. Although some junk yards will pick up the car, others will not and a car which is driven into the junk yard may prove to be worth more than a car that has to be towed away.

Call around first, not all dealers and junk yards will offer the same cash for cars in Tinley Park. When you call be honest because sooner or later the company that you deal with is going to see the vehicle and know exactly its condition. Depending on your car, you may be surprised at its value, it is quickly forgotten that some cars are limited editions when they are purchased new and they have a lot of value for collectors.

If you actually want to sell the car to anyone other than a junk yard you must abide by certain laws. There are laws called “lemon laws” which are in place to protect the consumer from unjust treatment. Because the car is as good as junk these laws will probably not have much of an effect on the transaction it’s best that you acquaint yourself with them before selling for cash for cars in Tinley Park.

To avoid all the problems you can contact Junk My Car USA. Not only will get a fair price, you will have the car picked up and you will be given on the spot cash for cars in Tinley Park.

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