The Benefits You Gain From Using Private Parking Lots in Seattle

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Parking


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When you are trying to find a place to park in a large metropolitan city such as Seattle, there are many options that you can utilize. However, many of those options are not very convenient and can prove to be more of a pain than anything else. To help combat this, you can use a service to help you find spaces such as parking for Pike Place Market. There are many benefits to doing this.

Reserve Online

One benefit of this type of service is that you can reserve a space before you even get to the area. This saves the hassle of having the space already full and having to drive around the area trying to find an alternative parking space. You simply go to the website and reserve the parking spot at the lot or building of your choice. You can even pick for how long you will be there so that there is no miscommunication once you arrive.


Instead of leaving your car at an open and easy-to-access public parking spot, you can enjoy an added layer of security by parking at a private spot such as parking for Pike Place Market. This leaves your car in a gated or otherwise secure location, typically with video cameras in place to monitor the parking area. Some spots may even have security guards although you’ll need to check in advance for this benefit.

If you are interested in private parking versus public parking, please contact 7th & Pike Garage Parking through Park Seattle now.

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