Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Old Car With a Newer Preowned One

Your current car or truck has served you well. As much as you’ve enjoyed it, you know it won’t last much longer. Rather than waiting until it dies, think about visiting a used car dealer in Bartlett, IL, and making plans for a replacement. If any of the following applies to your current vehicle, plan to make that visit soon.

The Vehicle Spends More Time in the Shop Than on the Road

The days when all the car needed was routine maintenance are over. It seems as if every couple of weeks, it needs to go back to the shop. This is like buying in a newer vehicle, one part at a time. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that this merry-go-round of auto repairs will end anytime soon.

Cut your losses and replace the aging vehicle with a newer one. You’ll be back to scheduling routine maintenance rather than speculating about what will break down this month.

You’re Tired of Getting by Without Certain Features

The car or truck still runs, but some of the features haven’t worked for years. The music system is useless, and you’re getting tired of a defroster that barely works. Even things like lumpy seat padding are beginning to get on your nerves. Life would be a lot easier if you had a vehicle with fully functional features. You can find such a vehicle at your used car dealer in Bartlett.

You Can Afford to Invest in Something Newer

You avoided the idea of a car payment for a long time. There were other obligations that needed your attention. Since those debts are settled in full now, you have money in the budget to manage a car payment. Visit the used car dealer in Bartlett and see what they have in your price range and what type of dealer financing you qualify for. You may find a vehicle and car loan terms that are a perfect fit.

Are you ready to check out possible replacements for your aging vehicle? Now is the time to visit Hawk Ford of St. Charles and see what we have in stock. You can also go to and take a look at our current inventory. If you see something you like, take it for a test drive. Your search may be over soon.

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