Should You Buy A Used Car From A Private Seller Or Chevrolet Dealership?

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Automobile


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A person who is looking for a car may choose to purchase a used car because of certain benefits that come with the purchase. For one, the car will be considerably cheaper than a new car. Even if the car is a few years old, the buyer will benefit from the amount of depreciation a new car goes through in the first few years. Another benefit is used cars can still be under manufacturer warranty. Once in the market for a used car, a person has to decide whether to buy from a private seller or from a place like a Chevrolet dealership.

Buying from Wommack Chevrolet or another dealer is a good choice if the buyer thinks there will be a problem with financing. A sales manager at a dealership wants to sell as many cars as possible. As such, they will work with buyers who are having trouble with financing. A sales manager may even personally speak to a lender in order to get financing pushed through. If a buyer tries to get their own financing, there usually isn’t anyone advocating for them. The decision will be based solely on the paperwork. A sales manager will take the time to explain things like gaps in employment history, living arrangements, and other things that can affect a loan application.

A person who buys from a Chevrolet dealership also has more peace of mind as far as the transaction is concerned. There really isn’t a chance that the person is buying a stolen vehicle from the dealership. Also, there is no chance that they will get robbed when going to look at the car. With a private deal, there is the very real possibility of a buyer becoming a victim of some type of crime. Buyers should always exercise extreme caution when dealing with private sellers.

It should be noted that there are some benefits to buying from a private seller if a good one can be found. The seller will usually know more about the vehicle. However, finding an honest seller is usually hard. In some states, a buyer can save thousands of dollars buying from a private seller because the buyer doesn’t have to pay sales tax. Buyers in Texas aren’t as lucky since they have to pay use tax. You can like them on Facebook.

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