Shopping For Used Cars In Jacksonville, NC

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Auto, Automotive


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Where is the best place to buy a used car? Industry experts say start at a new car dealership. Almost all dealerships have used car departments with two-to-three-year-old vehicles. Often, these cars still have factory warranties in effect. In addition, auto superstores are a good place to shop. The superstores are like auto malls that have huge lots and hundreds of cars to sell. One can get a good deal on a used car. Independent used car dealers have a wide variety of stock from nearly new cars to clunkers.

Individuals in the market for Used Cars in Jacksonville NC should visit Neuwirth Pre-Owned Autocenter. Neuwirth specializes in new and used cars. There are several questions that need to be answered before buying a used car. Consumers should find out the mileage. The mileage should not be more than 20,000 miles per year. If the car has extremely high mileage, find out why. Next, find out how the vehicle is equipped including:

  • transmission type
  • brakes
  • air bags
  • sound system
  • power windows
  • tires

Be sure to check the body and interior. Look for any signs of previous repair or that the car may have been in a flood. Find out whether the vehicle has been in an accident. If so, one needs to know the extent of the damage, repair costs, and where the work was done. The dealer for Used Cars in Jacksonville NC, should know whether the car was included in any safety recalls. Buyers can also investigate recall information on the internet.

Be on the lookout for cars that have a good reputation for reliability. Experts say avoid buying used luxury cars because maintenance is expensive. The bottom line is to get a well-maintained car with no major mechanical problems. Buyers should keep their own budget in mind when car shopping. Remember to figure out the total price of the car. That is the best way to determine if one is being charged too much. Don’t get stuck on the low monthly price. Maintenance, insurance, and other extras go into the car budget, as well. Consumers who do their homework usually get the best deals on used cars.

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