RV Humidifiers: Keeping Out the Cold and Heat

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Auto Parts


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Too little or too much humidity can hurt your home. Good thing there are plenty of excellent humidifiers out there like the Eva Dry Edv 2200 tohelp you keep your RV home as comfortable as possible.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

If you want to keep your kitchen and bathroom tiles safe from mold and mildew caused by excess humidity, then a cool mist humidifier is the right kind of solution for you, says Do it Yourself. Also, if the weather proves too humid, and you end up with your shirt sticking to your back in perspiration and sweat, this humidifier can go a long way to making you feel comfortable again, sans the sweaty clutch of heat. If the heat is getting you down, cool mist humidifiers can provide with just the help you need to get the air inside your RV cool and soothing in no time.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

During the winter season, though, your RV can certainly use some help in getting you and your mobile home warm and toasty. That’s where warm mist humidifiers come in. This can produce warm air to circulate inside your home, easing the dryness in your nose and throat as well as in your skin and lips. This can also stop the wallpaper and paint cracks from appearing inside your RV. The downside? This can encourage the growth of dust mites and mold especially in dark nooks and crannies since toasty, dark places are just where they multiply and breed. You could keep them out by ensuring proper cleanliness inside your RV at all times. That way, no mold or mildew or even dust mites might find their way into your home.

Humidifier tips

  1. Always check for leaks. Stop using it until you have it fixed. Otherwise, you could worsen the problem.

  2. Replacements. Your humidifier pad and filter, along with other elements, should be replaced annually. If you don’t know how to do this, ask a pro to do it for you. No use trying to save on repairs by doing everything on your RV yourself, especially if you end up doing it wrong anyway. Go for a pro instead.

  3. Clean it annually. This can be easy enough to do, with DIY steps. If you haven’t got the time or simply want a pro to do this for you, schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

So don’t let humidity get the best of you. With humidifiers, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the heat, humidity or cold outside your RV home.

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