Reasons to Consider the 2017 Jeep Cherokee

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Automotive


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While the Grand Cherokee seems to be the one everyone thinks about initially, the 2017 Jeep Cherokee in Oak Park is a smaller version and a crossover. It offers a design that’s family friendly, edgy styling that will wow the crowd, and comes with a Trailhawk trim that’s perfect for off-roading. While it may not be the sportiest on the market, the steering system is precise.

Fuel Economy

When talking about an SUV, even a compact or mid-size one, fuel economy isn’t usually discussed because it’s not that great. However, this crossover is highly efficient throughout, which means it doesn’t go crazy and guzzle the fuel. If you have the four-cylinder engine, expect about 30 mpg highway and 21 mpg city. If you end up with the V6 engine, you can still get about 29 miles per gallon on the highway.


If you purchase a used version, you can’t choose the Trailhawk trim unless it is already included on the model you purchase. However, if you can find it, you’re going to love it because it has a four-wheel drive system that helps you take on the most challenging terrains. It also has a raised suspension and skid plates to offer protection from tree stumps and rocks. Other enhancements include tow hooks, all-terrain tires, and a locking differential.


The front fascia is unique, which prevents it from being considered any other crossover. The narrow headlamps are one of the most noticeable styling features while LED running lights are standard.

Plus, if you get the base model, it still looks rugged and strikingly Jeep, but it’s inexpensive, as well.

The Jeep Cherokee in Oak Park is an excellent addition to those who love the brand and want something different, so visit Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep and learn more.

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