Practical Uses for Industrial Turntables

Straight out of the James Bond 007 movie, “Octopussy”, an industrial turntable was used to move the set of the Kremlin in the 1983 film. Industrial turntable manufacturers have been moving movie sets, theater-in-the-round stages, as well as floating restaurants, all over the world for more than 50 years.

Who Uses Industrial Turntables?

When it comes to designing, engineering, and installing a heavy-duty turntable system, you want to use the best industrial turntable manufacturer in the business. Depending on what the turntable will be used for determines the construction and the motors needed to move the turnabout system. Each system varies because each application is unique. Turntable systems have been used in industrial warehouses, showrooms, auto shows, recreational shows that feature boats and RVs, museums, homes, restaurants, and observation decks, especially those with 360 degree views.

What Are the Limitations of Industrial Turntables?

While most people are generally familiar with turntable systems when seeing one in action at an automobile show, many don’t know that they are used in other high capacity situations like when a construction manufacturing company wants to feature the latest dump truck or backhoe. When a tank is on display or a situation where heavy equipment needs to be accessed from all sides, such as working on a private jet or semi-truck, seeking out an industrial turntable manufacturer is a great solution.

Turntables can be made to support 100 tons and be as wide as 300 feet. Industrial turntable manufacturers can design, engineer, and install turntables that function outside in the elements and are made for heavy duty uses. Outdoor application might be used for trolley cars and small private airports that are tight on space.

If you’re looking for industrial turntables manufacturers, visit the Carousel USA website to find out what they have to offer.

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