Need Car Repair in Omaha NE?

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Automotive


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A car accident can be a nerve-racking or even traumatic experience. Besides medical concerns, those involved in car accidents often have to worry about how long it will take to repair their vehicles. Being without a vehicle for an extended period of time can be both inconvenient and incomprehensible. Insurance companies may provide a rental vehicle to the owners until their vehicles are repaired, depending on the owners’ insurance coverage. Full-service Car Repair in Omaha NE is provided by Dingmans. Check out for full details.

Full-service collision repair services follow each car manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications. This means vehicles are restored according to precise recommendations and vehicles are returned to owners in pristine condition. A collision repair shop that provides full-service will also help communicate with owners’ insurance companies to ensure that the insurance companies’ specifications are being followed. For example, some insurance companies may specify that only parts ordered directly from the vehicle manufacturer can be used to repair the damage. Other companies may impose limitations on the amount of damage that can be repaired before the company considers the vehicle to be a write-off.

Yet another advantage of full-service Car Repair in Omaha NE is on-site rentals. Vehicle owners can obtain a rental car on the premises, have their insurance companies billed according to their policies, and return the rental vehicle on-site when finished. The collision shop can even help make arrangements with local towing companies to remove damaged vehicles from the scene of the accident. Essentially all of your vehicle repair needs are taken care of with excellent and thorough customer service.

A car accident and its aftermath are stressful enough without having to worry about insurance companies, vehicle repairs, and interim transportation needs. A full-service collision repair shop will help take care of these details for you. From free estimates to an after-hours key drop box, full-service means ensuring the vehicle owner’s needs come first. Your vehicle repairs will be made with the utmost attention to quality. The repairs will also be made with high attention to detail and be made as efficiently as possible.

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