Motorcycle Dealers in Chicago Increasingly Sell to Female Customers

Women can purchase a used Harley Davidson bike in excellent condition from particular motorcycle dealers in Chicago. People who view the brand as being primarily for men are surprised when they learn of its popularity among female riders. The company has worked to build options more suitable for women, as well as to design apparel and gear intended for these customers.

Relevant Statistics

The percentage of female motorcycle owners has been rising steadily in recent decades. Almost 20% of owners are women as of 2021. The strongest trend is among the millennial generation.

More women than ever are buying Harley-Davidson models. It’s difficult to determine a total percentage combining owners of both new and used models, but statistics show that around 12% of new Harley owners are women. Those who cannot afford the cost of a new one may shop with pre-owned motorcycle dealers in Chicago.

Manufacturer Viewpoint

Company representatives have said they decided to manufacture more motorcycles that would appeal to female customers after discussions with women at rallies. They also recognized the market trend of an increasing number of women buying vehicles and choosing other brands. Harley-Davidson is now the most popular motorcycle manufacturer among female riders, holding several top 10 spots with various products in this market group.

Feature Examples

Because women are shorter on average than men, a lower seat height is an appealing feature. Another is lighter bike weight, making handling the powerful ride more manageable.

Pre-owned motorcycles can be purchased at Chicago Cycles Motorsports, which provides information on the website.

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