Maintain Your Vehicles’ Transfer Cases in Mesa

All wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles need to have the drivetrain’s transfer case cared for and properly maintained to optimize the vehicles offroading capabilities Caring for Transfer Cases in Mesa is best done by experts who have experience in the complexities of both manual and automatic transfer cases. Basically, the transfer case delivers power to the axles. Transfer cases are described in terms of “married” and “divorced” or ” independent” cases. A “married” transfer case refers to one that is bolted directly to the transmission and is often housed together with the transmission.

A “divorced” or” independent”, the terms are interchangeable, transfer case is totally separate from the transmission and it bolted to a transmission output shaft. These transfer cases are heavy. This type of case is most often used on vehicles with a very long wheelbase such as commercial or military trucks. Larger construction vehicles, speciality equipment and recreational vehicles (RV’s) have independent transfer cases as well. These cases should be inspected as often as you would have your transmission inspected and maintained.

Companies, such as Business Name, who service transmissions should also be able to service and maintain all four wheel drives including 4×4’s, RV’s, foreign and domestic vehicles, gear driven, chain driven, married transfer cases and divorced/independent transfer cases. If the company is not experienced in all these types of vehicles, you may want to search for another company to service your transmission. Transmission services should also include differential inspections and repairs, full clutch repairs, rebuilds or replacements and total transmission repairs, rebuilds or replacements. You need mechanics with expertise in transmissions to properly care for yours. They have many parts and components to them and are complicated aspects of your engine.

Transfer Cases in Mesa are only one component to your vehicle, so do not forget to take care of the rest of the engine as well as the whole car or truck. Repairs on your entire vehicle are offered at competitive prices. Mechanics will answer all your questions as well as explain all the work recommended in your free estimate. You will know exactly what the job will entail, how long it will take and what the final expense will be before any work is started.

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