Looking for Quality Volkswagen Service, Find It in Chicago

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Auto


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If your VW is overdue for service or a warning light is showing, you really must attend to it. Your first inclination is to return to the dealer where you purchased the vehicle. However, you can also take the car to an independent mechanic in Chicago that specializes in Volkswagen service.  If you opt for an independent shop, will you get the best service, a high level of specific expertise and value for money.

Why Service is Important

To keep your Volkswagen in optimum condition, it must be serviced regularly and in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. With regular service, you know that your vehicle and all the components in it are in good condition and the car is safe to operate. Regular service is important, not only to perform those tasks recommended by the factory, but it gives the service technician an opportunity to spot a potential problem before it becomes serious, and potentially, more expensive to repair.

The Benefits of Using an Independent Garage

It makes sense to return the car to the dealer as long as the warranty is valid. After that, an independent shop is usually the better option. The technicians have the same skills, but as the facility is smaller, they have fewer overheads to consider when pricing their services.

A reputable independent service facility tends to provide a more personalized service. As vehicle service is all they do, they have a tendency to focus more on customer satisfaction. An independent service facility must be good as it relies heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. You can interact directly with the technician; they are most willing to share their experiences servicing Volkswagen and they are happy to explain to you what is going on “under the hood.”

Many of these independent service facilities are owned by, and staffed, by former technicians that have come from a dealer. As such, they are highly skilled and trained.

If you are looking for Volkswagen service, you are invited to take your car to VFC Engineering in Chicago. For more information on the company and the services they provide, visit http://vfc-engineering.com.

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