Is It Time to Take Another Look at Your Auto Insurance Plan?

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Automobile


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Your auto insurance plan will be up for renewal soon. When was the last time you thought about making a change? It could be that your current policy is fine, but what if you could do better? Many people decide to review their coverage for one of these three reasons. If any of them apply to you, it’s time to see if a different Chicago auto Insurance would be a good choice.

Your Financial Status Has Changed

Perhaps you didn’t have a lot of money coming in when you purchased the current policy. That meant leaving off a benefit or two that you would like to have, and going with deductibles that were a little higher. Now that your income has increased, why not see how much it would cost to add those benefits and lock in lower deductibles?

The Kids are On Their Own

As each of your children secured licenses, you added them to the Chicago auto Insurance. That was a sound move at the time, but did you ever get around to removing them once they were grown and living on their own? If no, you at least need to have them taken off your policy. This would also be a good time to see if some other changes would benefit you in some way.

You Haven’t Comparison Shopped in a Long Time

You are happy with the scope of coverage, the deductibles, and there’s no one covered on the plan who does not live in the home. All in all, that sounds like grounds for renewal. Before you do that, take the time to compare your current plan with at least two more options for Chicago auto Insurance. How does your plan compare in terms of premiums, discounts that you can claim, and the reputation of the provider? You may find a plan that’s a little better and also happens to cost less per year.

Now that you’ve decided to compare plans for auto insurance, it’s time to find the right source for reliable and affordable coverage. Let the team at Accurate Auto Insurance help. Give us a call or request an instant quote at today. Let us know the date you need the coverage to begin and we’ll ensure you don’t go for even one minute without auto insurance.

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