Is it time for a Smog Check at our Smog Station in Antioch CA?

by | May 17, 2016 | Automotive


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A smog check includes a test done on your car’s exhaust system to decide how many pollutants, and of which kind, the car is emitting. Also, it involves a review of additional car parts to ensure they’re in working order, particularly those parts pertaining to emissions control. Within the U.S., many states require exhaust testing, though they vary from one state to another, within a nationwide effort to address issues of clean air.

How often should you get a smog check at our smog station in Antioch CA?

Some states possess a biannual smog check plan, whereas other ones require testing each year. Many states exempt specific cars, like vehicles over 30 or less than 5 years old. Most places require that an automobile have the ability to pass the check before it may be sold, and are going to require a smog certificate prior to the title being transferred. Consumers ought to check with their state’s DMV to figure out more on the requirements of their locality.

Every state has emissions limitations which cars can’t exceed. Within a test, a device will be attached to the tailpipe as the engine is run to decide the emissions of the automobile in idle and when being revved that are measured against the state’s standard for that kind of car.

Motorists ought to regularly receive a smog check for their cars, not just because it’s legally required within many places, yet because, if their car isn’t in alignment with emissions standards, it must be repaired. In some states, personal cars contribute nearly 40 percent of pollution, and responsible motorists should help the national effort to decrease emissions.

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