Improve Power and Shifting With Manual Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Automotive


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Today’s automobiles are very complex systems, but one thing that has changed very little is the manual shift transmission. These power transfer units aren’t as common as they used to be due to the ease of use provided by automatic transmissions, however, they are still the transmission of choice when raw power is required. The manual transmission works by using a clutch assembly between the engine and transmission. The clutch acts as a release so the transmission can be shifted between gears.

A worn clutch is one of the most common failures that will require manual transmission repair in Grand Rapids, MI. The clutch works through a series of linkages between the pedal and the clutch plates. Inside the clutch assembly is a bearing that moves as the pedal is pushed. This bearing allows the transmission to continue spinning while the clutches are separated. If you can hear noises when the clutch is pressed then this may be the cause. This bearing is under a lot of stress and is the most likely point of failure next to the clutch plates.Sometimes, the clutch begins to slip which causes your vehicle to lose power.

This happens because the fibers on the clutch plates wear down over time. Clutch wear is caused by usage or foot pressure on the clutch pedal. With a certain amount of wear it is possible to adjust the clutch to improve shifting. However, if the clutch adjustment is too far out then the mechanic will recommend replacing the clutch. Other places that a manual transmission can fail include the gear shift and internal gears. The gears inside the transmission are very strong. They can handle quite a lot of stress, but constant grinding can destroy the edges of the teeth and cause the transmission to slip. In these cases it may be cheaper to replace the transmission.

Shifting problems can be harder to diagnose. Some shifting problems occur when linkages get damaged or the bushings wear out. More serious problems occur inside the transmission. In the latter case it might be possible that manual transmission repair in Grand Rapids, MI can fix the linkage assembly. No matter what your transmission problem waiting is not an option. The longer you wait the worse the trouble gets. Visit Website Domain to know more.

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