How To Be Safe When You Paint your Car in Johnson County

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Auto Repair


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When a car is involved in a collision, there is no doubt it will need to be re-painted. This can be a brand new experience for an auto owner, especially if they try to do it themselves. Here are some tips on how to remain safe if you decide to paint your car in Johnson County.

Breathe Easy

No matter what, the car should be painted in a well-ventilated space. The fumes from the auto paint can quickly overwhelm someone and prove to be toxic. There have been many cases where the painter has suffered serious injury, up to and including death. The vapors from the paint can last for as long as 3 days. Let the car air dry outside for several days before bringing it back into the garage or another enclosed area.

Mask The Mouth

In addition to painting in a ventilated area, the painter should also wear a respirator. When you decide to paint your Car in Johnson County, the chemicals from the paint will still be able to be breathed in even if the painting is done outside. This will protect the lungs from damage caused by corrosive chemicals. The damage can take a while to be seen. It may not be readily apparent. Make sure to be extra careful when painting a car.

Clean Up Spills

Any paint spilled should be cleaned up immediately. The painter should never wait to do this. This is because not only does it present a danger for slipping, it is also very harmful to the environment. Some areas of the country will levy stiff fines to those who contaminate the environment. This should be avoided at all costs.

Keep Away From Skin

If the pain gets on the skin, it should also be cleaned off immediately. The paint is made up of many different toxic chemicals and can cause violent reactions if left on the skin.

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