How Do You Find An Engine In Columbia MO?

by | Jan 15, 2013 | Automotive


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The last thing an automobile owner wants is to need a new engine in Columbia MO. However, if the engine does fail there are three choices really; buy a new car, buy a new engine or rebuild the failed engine. In almost every case, buying a rebuilt engine or rebuilding the damaged engine is the least expensive option. As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying either a new or rebuilt engine.

A new engine in Columbia MO is factory sourced and factory fresh. It is identical to the engine that failed and contains all brand new components and will carry a warranty similar to the engine of a new car. The engine will function exactly as it always did and works perfectly with the other elements of the car.

New Engines

A new engine is guaranteed to arrive in the service shop in perfect condition, fully warranted and, if properly installed with perform exactly as the original factory installed engine in Columbia MO. Although a new engine is ideal, the issue is cost. A brand new factory fresh engine can cost several thousand dollars and more depending on their size and complexity.

Rebuilt Engines

An engine that is considered as a “rebuilt engine” is one which has been in a vehicle. The engine has either been sourced from a wrecking yard or it had previously failed in service. This engine has been completely torn down and rebuilt. The internal components of the engine in Columbia MO will all have been refinished, such as boring, repaired or parts replaced, usually with parts from aftermarket manufacturers. A rebuilt engine is not considered to be a new engine, however, when properly rebuilt it can last for many years of trouble free service. A rebuilt engine and a remanufactured engine are different. A remanufactured engine in Columbia MO is one which has all new OEM components and has been overhauled to original factory performance and specification.

Rebuilding an engine in Columbia MO takes a lot of mechanical skill, it is not something that people without the proper tools and knowledge can easily do. Even those mechanics that do know what they are doing are not all equally skilled and not every rebuilt engine is to the same standard. It is a bit of a gamble when deciding on where to source the rebuilt engine. It is possible to remove the engine from the car, rebuild it and replace it into the car; however most people, due to the timing, will opt to purchase an engine which has already been rebuilt. Whether you opt to rebuild your damaged engine or buy another replacement, make sure either the mechanic or the parts supplier has a good reputation and offers a warranty. A good rebuilt engine will last for many years and are far less expensive than a brand new engine in Columbia MO.



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