Have Your Clutch Inspected by a Transmission Replacement Plano Expert

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automobile


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If you have a vehicle with a manual transmission, you are probably very familiar with the clutch and its importance. The clutch is a mechanical component designed to transport torque from an engine to the vehicle’s wheels. Basically, a clutch is responsible for coordinating the engagement and disengagement of different shafts so they can move independently. As they contain several moving parts and plates, whenever a clutch begins to malfunction it’s highly recommended to have a transmission replacement Plano facility make adjustments or repairs as necessary.

Slipping Clutch
A clutch that has started to slip is most noticeable at moderate to higher speeds or when moving uphill. Usually, the first thing the operator observes is an increase in engine revolutions, although the vehicle only gradually increases speed. A slipping clutch eventually becomes much worse if not addressed quickly. The increased friction creates excessive heat which in turn severely damages the clutch plates. Some of the most common reasons for failure include wear and tear and overheating.

Vibration and Noise
Vibration and noise originating from the clutch area can be an indication that repairs might be necessary. When the bearing begins to wear out, noises can occur. Additionally, a cracked or broken spring within the plate can also be a reason for excessive vibrations. A certified transmission specialist can inspect your vehicle’s clutch system to determine whether the old bearings need to be changed. In this situation, they may suggest replacing the entire clutch as well as the front transmission seal since the unit must be pulled out in order to replace the bearings.

Clutch Replacement Cost
The cost of replacing a clutch system varies depending on the type of vehicle. Usually, the clutch disc and plate are the primary components that wear out. The disc is the part that receives the most friction and therefore depreciates the quickest. It is also common for the flywheel to need surface retouching. In some cases, the entire unit including disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and throw out bearings must be replaced. Other cost considerations include parts availability and labor expense.

Hire a Professional
If you find your clutch suddenly begins making excessive noise when switching gears or driving, it’s important to have a transmission replacement Plano professional inspect it immediately. Recognizing and addressing clutch problems quickly can help avoid vehicle damage. In some cases, clutch problems can be resolved with some minor tweaking and repairs. However, the majority of clutch issues require either a complete overhaul or replacement by a skilled mechanic.

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