What Does Hail Damage Repair Consist Of?

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Automotive


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It’s not until you visit Denver that hail damage repair becomes something you give much thought to. In most cities across the US, hail doesn’t usually come down any larger than a tiny bit of gravel, and it might sting a bit, but there’s not much chance of it doing real damage. In mountainous states like Colorado, on the other hand, those golf ball sized pieces of ice can wreak a lot of havoc. So how does Denver do hail damage repair?

Removing Dents

A metal body will generally demand a dent puller. These usually feature interchangeable suction cups, small for small dents, and big for big dents. The process is fairly simple, but it takes some finesse and a bit of experience. You pop the cup onto the affected area and use it to pull the metal flat again. Some dents might require hammering out, but it’s rare that hail damage will affect your body to such a degree.

Fiberglass Fixes

If your car features a fiberglass body, you may be looking at serious cracks and chips in the body. Repairing these is a little more complex than repairing dents in metal. Generally, you’re going to see your repair team using something like gel coat or similar products that can be applied to the damaged area and smoothed out to create a patch.

Fixing the Paint

You can’t neglect even the most minor of paint chipping from a hail storm. Exposed metal is how rust sets in. Of course, fixing paint that has chipped from the hail isn’t so different from fixing any scratches. The area will be smoothed out if it’s a deep gouge, and then the old paint will be sanded off and new paint applied after being mixed to match your car’s color.

Hopefully you don’t have to go in anytime soon for hail damage repair, but Denver mechanics know how to patch that up better than anyone.

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