Good Reasons to Consider Dyno Auto Tuning in Scottsdale AZ

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Auto Repair


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All internal combustion engines rely upon well defined mechanical and chemical principles. Even so, particular engines can seem almost inscrutable at certain times.

Whether because a hoped-for performance improvement did not materialize or in light of reliability issues, making use of Dyno Auto Tuning in Scottsdale AZ often proves to be the best way to start making progress again. Putting a vehicle on a dynamometer and measuring how its engine performs will almost always be revealing.

An Effective Way to Assign Accurate Numbers to Important Engine Metrics

Many vehicle owners can recite manufacturer-provided figures for measurements like torque and power output. Make any significant change to a car or truck, however, and those numbers can no longer be relied upon at all.

A dynamometer, or dyno, is a device that allows for the accurate measurement of an engine’s performance at any desired rate of operation. Most dynos include large, secure rollers that allow driven wheels to spin freely while the vehicle remains stationary.

Running a car or truck through a variety of such tests will generate a graph that reflects the performance of the engine across the full range of its capabilities. Instead of simply hoping that the few figures provided by manufacturers are right, vehicle owners can dive down into the details as much as they might like.

Dynamometers Can Be Used to Diagnose Many Common Problems

While Dyno Auto Tuning in Scottsdale AZ can be employed for any of a variety of reasons, a few are most common. Dynamometers are most often employed to look into issues like:

  • Stumbling.
  • Some highly tuned cars and trucks produce huge amounts of power at high rates of operation but are difficult to drive at low speeds. Oftentimes, a sort of stumbling at low RPMs will be the culprit for such problems. In many cases, it will be possible to do away with low-speed stumbling and hitching without reducing overall performance.
  • Loss of power.
  • When an engine suddenly seems less powerful than in the past, having it assessed on a dynamometer can reveal the reason.

Browse our website and it will become clear that there are many other reasons to consider a dynamometer session. Being able to accurately measure an engine’s output at various rates of operation can be a powerful tool.

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