Finding A Great Car Repair Shop

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Automotive


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A universal concern that car owners have is “how do I find a great repair shop?” It can be quite unnerving when you have to take your car to a shop and you don’t even know what’s wrong with it. This is even worse when you don’t know the shops reputation and you have no idea of what the repair will cost. One thing is for sure; no car owner wants to pay for work on his car and the problem isn’t solved, it’s even worse when you pay for repairs you don’t need. There are a few ways that you can employ to ensure that you the best shop for auto repair in Mokena.

Find the shop before you need it:

Most people wait until their car breaks down to find a repair shop, the usually result is that you end up using the shop which is closest to your home or where your car breaks down. Make it your business to stop in to various shops which you consider convenient, ask about their guarantees, if the mechanics are well trained, do they offer a shuttle service or loaner cars, etc.

Ask for references:

You can ask the shop supervisor for a list of references but you might also wish to ask customers that are sitting in the waiting room why they brought their cars to this place. If the customer is a repeat customer of the shop this is an indication that they are satisfied; you can expect to hear comments such as “the work they do is great” or “they charge fair prices” as well as “they guarantee the work they do.” These are the types of responses you should be looking for, if all you hear is they are cheap, then you should move on.

Are they specialists?

Some shops that perform auto repair in Mokena specialize in certain vehicles or certain repairs. Although specialist repair shops often cost a little more, it is often worth using them if you have a unique problem. A general repair shop might be able to diagnose the problem but they may not have the precise tools or skills that are needed to do the job right, the first time.

Time in Business:

The auto repair business is very much a local business. If the shop has been around for a long time then you know they have built their business on their reputation and to get a good reputation, it is necessary to do good work at a reasonable price.

Only you can decide what is important; price, reputation, quality, location are all factors which you will have to take into consideration.

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