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by | Jul 28, 2015 | Automotive


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The vehicles which are equipped with an automatic transmission are always known to use the torque convertor instead of the regular clutch which enables a car to remain idle without propelling it. Immediately the engine of the car attains a certain speed; the torque converter pushes the power that has been produced by the engine to the transmission. A torque converter parts supplier is always interested and ready to help car owners and mechanics purchase the appropriate parts. Raybestos Powertrain is known to be one of the major suppliers of torque converter parts. Torque converters are known to perform three major tasks, transferring the power which has been generated by the engine to the transmission input shaft, it multiplies the torque produced by the engine to give the engine a mechanical advantage of around 2:1, and it turns the transmission front pump in order to generate the hydraulic pressure.

The Major Components of a Torque Converter
These converters are always in two halves. The first half is always connected to the engine and is always known as the front shell. The second half is connected to the transmission and is always known as the rear shell. There is a stator which is always situated in between the impeller and the rear shell.

Stall Speed
Stall speed refers to the maximum amount of speed at which the turbine can always be held steady at a wide open throttle. A converters stall speed can also be referred to as the speed at which the engine must always turn. It is measured in revolutions per minute. The stator within the converter spins along with the rest as the speed of the engine increases.

How to Choose a Stall Speed
Choosing a stall speed is always known to be one of the major questions that are usually asked concerning the torque converters. Car lovers are known to replace the stock converter with another which will allow the engine to reach a much higher speed before the vehicle start moving. When the point at which the vehicle should begin moving is delayed, allows the engine to attain the sped where it starts making its power. Race engines are known to always use the torque converters which have a stall speed of up to 3500 rpms.

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