Extending The Life On An Executive Corporate Fleet Vehicle In NJ

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Fleet managers in NJ companies have a lot of work and a lot of record keeping to do on each and every vehicle. While this is critical for the typical corporate fleet vehicle, it is even more important with the executive fleet of vehicles.

In most companies, an executive corporate fleet vehicle is a high-end vehicle that is designed to not only provide a great look for the C-suite executives but to also provide a great ride and a top return on investment for trade-in. Most of these vehicles will only be in use for a couple of years before they are traded for a newer model or another make. By maintaining full service records and all scheduled oil changes and service work, there is a higher trade-in value, even if the vehicle is older than a year or two.

Specialized Service

While it may be possible to use in-house mechanics for heavy trucks as well as a standard corporate fleet vehicle, for the executive fleet it is important to ensure they are well-maintained to the exacting scheduled. These people expect there to be no flashing lights on the dash indicating maintenance is required, and using an outside service can ensure these vehicles are never overlooked or simply missed in the maintenance rotation.

Look for a mobile service that will come to your location. This is ideal when the executive offices are not housed where the fleet is maintained. The mobile service can be scheduled to complete the maintenance call at the executive’s location and convenience, ensuring there is never a delay of the need to wait for the vehicle.

By using an outsourced, mobile maintenance service in NJ, it frees up your in-house mechanics to work on the larger fleet. With very low costs, flexibility and the expertly trained technicians these services offer, this is a very effective option for any fleet manager to consider.

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