Exploring the Outback? Get BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Wheels

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Autos


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The great Australian outback. The ultimate challenge for any self-respecting explorer. The outback has always attracted adventurists since 1813 when Gregory Blaxland became, officially, the first European to cross the Blue Mountains, although many people would claim that a former convict, John Wilson, might have been the first to do so. But these are the days of SUVs and GPSes; technology, that Blaxland and his party did not have. But that does not take anything away from the thrill and excitement of exploring the outback.

Get the Best Off-road Wheels

Gone are the days of horses and camels. You need a powerful SUV and a good set of tyres to do the job for you. And what better choice than the BF Goodrich Mud Terrain wheels? Officially known as Mud- Terrain T/A KM2 (KM for Key benefit, Mud traction), these tyres are the best things to happen to off-road enthusiasts since the advent of the urge to explore!

BFG Mud Terrain Tyres – A Legend?

Did you know that these tyres were named amongst the “10 most influential off-road products of all time” by the JP magazine? This honour is not given lightly in a market filled with products to entice off-roaders. This shows the utter respect customers have for these tyres and their dependability when it comes to stellar off-road performance. So what sets these tyres apart?

What Makes These Tyres Special?

Patented upper sidewall traction bars, rim protector, dual-tread radius and patented Trigard construction are just a handful of features that go into making these tyres. These tyres provide excellent traction on deep dirt, mud, sand and rock. At the same time, they have exquisite manners for the street too and you won’t be disappointed with their behaviour on tarmac as well. They are wild animals; on a tight leash.

Available in around 20 sizes to cater to different needs, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain wheels have thick sidewalls which help them resist cuts and bruises from sharp rocks and other off-road activities. The computer-optimized tread design is less noisy and has an enhanced ability to climb rocks due to their unparalleled slick surface traction.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain wheels come with a revolutionary self-cleaning tread design. This allows the tyre to remove any dirt that may have lodged itself in the treads to allow the tyres to perform efficiently. The crux is to air them down a bit to extract the most bite out of these monsters. When at low air pressure, the heavy duty lugs
provide exceptional grip on dirty surfaces. The dirtier, the better. The tyres are aggressively styled and give your vehicle that mean look whether it be off-road or on it.

Get On the Road, Mate!

So the next time you decide to explore the outback in your mean machine, don’t forget to partner it with BF Goodrich Mud Terrain wheels from Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart. As the people at BF Goodrich say – “Nothing can stop you now!”

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