Experts in Auto Glass in Holland Put Your Safety First

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Automotive


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A damaged windshield can be more of a hazard than you think; beyond obscuring part of your vision and causing distortion, vehicle manufacturers depend on a windshield for up to 40% of the support of a passenger compartment. A broken windshield can reduce that support significantly, putting you and your passengers at extra risk. If your windshield has suffered a nick or a chip, unless it is directly in your line of sight as you drive, you may be able to get by with a repair as opposed to a complete windshield replacement, but that determination should be made by an expert in Auto Glass in Holland.

Whether you need a repair or a replacement, you need to make certain that the glass technicians you’re dealing with are trustworthy, certified professionals. Sadly, there are a number of less-than-reputable glass companies out there who are more concerned with making a quick dollar than insuring your safety with a proper repair. They will use almost any tool lying around for removal of your old windshield, instead of the urethane cutout tool that glass professionals are trained to use. This will probably result in the protective paint being badly scratched, which will most likely cause leakage and rusting issues later on. These cut-rate glass repairmen will also use inferior grade glass, instead of the type recommended for your vehicle. This can not only cause distortion, it can lead to delamination of the window and easier breakage. Know the individuals who are doing your glass repair and make sure they have a good reputation.

A good Auto Glass in Holland team will do everything they can in order to make the process easier for you, including offering you online price quotes to help you do some comparison shopping. They can help in other ways, too, like providing you with information to help determine whether you should go with a windshield repair or a complete replacement. The professionals at Safety Auto Glass will even assist you with the insurance paperwork if need be. If your schedule is busy, they can either come to your home or office and do the glass work right on the spot.

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