Drive Safer Using a Lane Departure System

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Automobile


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Most drivers actually care about driving safely. With advances in technology more car manufacturers are actually able to provide advanced driver assistance systems already installed in vehicles. This can include a lane departure system for St. Augustine motorists. There are actually different types of warning systems for lane departure. Some of them are little more proactive than their counterparts. Essentially, they warn drivers, and some can even take corrective actions that are automatic, and prevent them from being involved in collisions as well as run-off-road accidents. However, advanced driver assistance systems require service after normal wear and tear. Such service is called calibration and can become part of your auto repair service repertoire.

Lane Departure: How Does It Work?

Lane departure warning technologies include three different types. They all have the same purpose and work to achieve that purpose just in different ways. The three types Include lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and lane centering assist. LDW systems use some of the first lane departure warning technology ever produced. They are invasive and simply warn drivers when they drift from their lane. The driver is responsible for correcting their actions. LKA, also known as LKS too, takes it one step further and applies torque to a steering wheel when a car drifts too far from one side to the other. The driver would have to actively fight the system to keep it from steering back into the center of the correct lane. LCA is more invasive, and doesn’t just provide a warning and kick in when a vehicle drifts to the edge of a lane. It actually keeps vehicles centered in the proper lane all of the time.

Keep ADAS Calibrated

In order to truly benefit from all of the technology an ADAS have to offer, it takes quality calibration solutions. A departure warning system has the potential to prevent numerous fatal accidents. However, it can only do its job if it is functioning accurately and has been calibrated. Calibration is a service you can offer that will keep more drivers from being involved in car accidents. Invest in top calibration tools today.

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