Different Types of Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Automotive


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Every individual and family can appreciate saving money on vehicle maintenance. With the help of Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City, customers can pay less for a service that every vehicle requires at certain mileage intervals. Coupons come from a variety of locations and offer different types of savings.

Coupons from the Manufacturer

A vehicle manufacturer wants to encourage consumers to take good care of their vehicles. When regular maintenance is handled on time, the car has a better chance of staying out on the road longer. Oil changes don’t guarantee that a problem won’t occur, however they do lower the chance of having a problem with parts like the engine and the transmission. The manufacturer, in order to encourage brand loyalty and make sure the vehicle always goes to the dealership for maintenance and service repairs, issues different Oil Change Coupons In Salt Lake City to customers.

Coupons from the Service Shop

Independent shops also want to get the attention of new customers. Individuals often bring their vehicles in for repairs to the same shop or technician that handles the maintenance. To encourage new customers to come in for an appointment, Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City are offered as a way to get a person through the door. These coupons can be found in local flyers or in the newspaper and come with a variety of different discounts. One may have a set dollar amount discount while another will be a percentage off any other services done in addition to the oil change.

Coupons for Multiple Oil Changes

Customers are going to need multiple oil changes over the life of their vehicles. Several times a year, depending on how many miles are put on the car, it is time to take care of some maintenance. Because shops want to make sure that a person comes into the same place for all maintenance and service, they offer coupons that benefits a person for coming in multiple times. It might be that for every three oil changes a person pays for, the fourth is free. These coupons encourage a customer to come into the same location over and over again.

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