How Can You Tell If You Need The Brakes On Your Vehicle Repaired Or Replaced?

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Automotive


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repair or replacing. The brakes on your car must be in good condition at all times, because they are out of sight and out of mind; how do you know when you need brake repair in Tinley Park?

* Listen closely:

The brake pads that come into contact with the rotating brake disc are designed to wear. The pads are manufactured with an embedded metal shim known as the “indicator.” When the brake pads are worn to the point where they need replacing, the indicator gives off an audible noise; a high pitched screech. If you hear this, and it is loud enough that you will, do not delay, it is definitely time to get the brakes repaired.

* Brake fade:

Vehicle owners become very accustomed to the “feel” of their car. If you sense that the brakes are not quite as responsive as they have been or the brake pedal goes down further when you depress it, then there may be a small leak somewhere in the system. It could be leaking brake fluid or air could be getting in the brake line.

* Pulling:

If your car tends to pull or veer in one direction when you apply the brakes it is an indication that the pads are wearing more on one side than the other.

  * Grinding:

When you hear the squeal from the brake pad indicator this is one thing, when you hear a loud metallic sound that is something altogether different. The pads are completely worn and the metal backing is coming into contact with the metal brake disk. This condition calls for immediate brake repair in Tinley Park, if it is not taken care immediately you could end up having to install new discs.

Keeping the brakes on your car in good working order is something that cannot be stressed enough, when the brakes are in good working order your car is safe to operate.
Maintaining the brakes on your vehicle is a must. If the brakes do not feel as they should or they are making a noise then brake repair in Tinley Park is in order. You are invited to take your car to VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

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