Can You Avoid Getting an Oil Change in Moline, IL

The downturn of the Texas economy has made many car owners look into ways that they can reduce their expenses. Not only have they started to put off buying new cars so that they don’t have to worry about the stress of a monthly car payment, but they also have tried cutting corners when it comes to vehicle maintenance. One of the things that many car owners have stopped doing is getting their oil changed every three thousand miles.

While it is possible to put off your oil change in Moline, IL area you shouldn’t assume that it’s something you can avoid altogether. You can’t keep dumping new oil into your car and expect it to continue running smoothly. In the long run, getting an oil change in Moline, IL will help you save money. Not only will the new oil maintain the quality of your engine, the oil provides a layer of lubricant on the moving part so they don’t grind against one another, prolonging its life and cutting down on the amount of money you spend on auto repairs, you will also find that regular oil changes also help you maintain better gas mileage.

The thing that you have to remember about getting an oil change in Moline, IL is that it really isn’t all that expensive. Even when you’re on a very tight budget, you should be able to skip going out to dinner, or buy less expensive groceries, or walk to work a couple of days, to come up with the money for an oil change. If money is really tight, you can turn to online tutorials which will teach you how you can change your own oil, which means that the only cost involved will be the price of the new oil. If you get good enough at this, you might even convince your friends to let you change the oil in their car and you’ll make a few extra dollars.

You don’t necessarily have to run out and get an oil change in Moline, IL every time you drive 3,000 miles. If the miles were mostly high way miles, where you cruised along at a fairly steady speed, you can put another couple thousand miles on your car before you have to get an oil change. If you never use your vehicle for hauling trailers or boats. If you stick to flat terrain, or if you use synthetic oil, you should be able to go about 5,000 miles before getting the oil drained and changed. However if you haul a horse or boat, drive in a great deal of start or stop traffic, or use conventional oil, you’re advised to stick to the 3,000 mile plan.

Some newer models of cars have been designed to go as long as 10,000 miles before they will need to get the oil changed.

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