Buying New, Used, And Certified Pre-Owned Subarus Near Providence, RI

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Automobile, Automotive


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Car owners in and around Providence, RI know the reputation Subaru vehicles have earned for being dependable and reliable. In fact, 97% of all Subarus sold over the last ten years are still on the road today, and many are still owned by the original buyer.

Anchor Subaru provides options in new, certified pre-owned, and used Subaru models for car buyers throughout the Subaru Providence, RI area. As one of the newer Subaru dealerships, Anchor offers a state-of-the-art purchase experience for vehicle buyers.

Making the decision to choose a new, used, or certified pre-owned Subaru is a personal choice. All of these vehicles are available at your Subaru dealer. This makes it easy to compare options, features, and packages for different years and trim levels.

Pre-Owned Subarus

The long life cycle of Subaru vehicles makes a used Subaru a great investment. For the latest in technology and driver-assist features, the team at Anchor Subaru recommends choosing a newer model or upgrading to a certified pre-owned car or SUV.

Certified Pre-Owned

A certified pre-owned vehicle has passed a rigorous 152-point inspection. To qualify, a used Subaru must be five years old or newer with less than eighty thousand miles on the odometer. These vehicles come with Roadside Assistance as well as a seven year or one hundred thousand mile powertrain plan. Buyers can add optional plan features at the time of purchase.

New Vehicles

Buying a new Subaru provides buyers with the option to customize their vehicle to meet their driving needs. New vehicles also offer the latest in technology, safety, and driver-assist features, making them an investment in your driving future for years to come.

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