The Best Reasons Why You Should Buy A New Chevy In Plainfield

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Automobile


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Everyone’s heard it before that new vehicles are a poor investment because they include a dramatic depreciation level and aren’t the smartest financial decision you can make. Aside from that, a used car is more of a gamble because they can break down faster and you can’t know how the previous owner treated them. Likewise, a newer Chevy in Plainfield is going to have technological advancements that you won’t find on an older vehicle.

While the decision to buy a newer vehicle is dependent on your situation, a factory-fresh car could be the best option for you.

More Reliable

Over half of car buyers believe that interior and exterior styling is number one, with reliability running a close second. This means that most customers want to have the most reliable of transportation possible, ensuring that they get where they need to be safely. If you have the same connotations, a new Chevy in Plainfield may be best for you.

Cool Features

While the impressive features you can find on a newer vehicle shouldn’t be your deciding factor, having touchscreen infotainment options, automated manual transmissions, lane-departure assistance and all the other exciting features may be important to you. Many of these are designed for better comfort, stability, and safety, while others are just cool to use and show off to your friends.

Fuel Economy

By 2025, all newer vehicles must average approximately 54 mpg, which is a challenge for car makers right now, as pickups and SUVs are popular choices. However, automakers are up for the challenge and are working on advancements, some of which can be found in newer vehicles right now, meaning you get better fuel efficiency, going to the gas station less often.

A new Chevy in Plainfield is an excellent choice for many. Visit Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet now for more information.

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