More than an Average Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Auto Parts


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Any vehicle owner facing major repairs, or requiring collision repair, is concerned about total costs, anxious about the final results, and not looking forward to spending time at an average repair shop. Estimates are often rushed, so they are not always accurate. Some auto body repairs are more like patch-up jobs rather than professional restorations. Waiting areas are usually uncomfortable, untidy, and are littered with magazines from two years ago. The experience does nothing to alleviate stress or concern, and may well end up costing more money than anticipated. That is not the case at an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County.

Differences are noticed immediately as owners drive their vehicles into a climate-controlled area for inspection, assessment, and a free, accurate estimate. The enclosed area allows technicians to thoroughly review the condition of the vehicle, ask the question of the owner, and explain all elements of required repairs and auto body restoration work. Since estimates are not rushed, they are accurate. That lets owners know exactly how much repairs will cost. Line by line detailed estimates are provided for reference, and to expedite insurance claim approvals. The waiting area is clean, comfortable, quiet, and has coffee, tea, and soft drinks available. Repairs are completed in a state-of-the-art facility where certified technicians utilize advanced tools, the latest technology, and advanced training in collision repair and restoration.

Specifics included at the Auto Body Shop in Johnson County are a spacious sheet metal repair and replacement area that allows technicians to restore vehicles to pre-accident condition. A computerized measuring system to available to get frame specifications exact. A specialized painting area allows for proper preparation of surfaces and excellent paint matching capabilities for both foreign and domestic makes and models. Filters and ventilation systems reduce the a number of particles in the air to ensure proper coating and adherence of paint to vehicles. The color and finish will match that of the original paint job completed at the factory. Do not spend time and money at an ordinary auto body shop when an advanced one is available. Visit Warrensburg Collision Repair Center first for an estimate and repairs. The results will be clearly visible in the completed repairs and body work.

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