Auto Shop That Does Headlight Restoration Tucson, AZ Recommends Letting Professionals Do the Work

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Automotive


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Are the headlights on your truck, car, van or SUV looking dim and grim these days? Are they ugly and yellow-looking, and do they make it tougher to see the road in front of you when you are on darker roads? Have you tried to restore the headlights yourself, only to find them looking either duller or still not quite with the gleam they had when you first purchased your vehicle? If so and you are in Arizona, you may want to consider the advice of BRAKEmax who does headlight restoration in Tucson, Arizona. They offer to tell you what to do concerning cloudy, yellow headlights.

Cloudy, yellow headlights reduce night time visibility, creating safety issues. Since 1989, headlights have been made from polycarbonate and not acrylic. Polycarbonates are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun, and also very sensitive to acid rain. Therefore, to protect the polycarbonates, the manufacturers will coat the headlight with a primer and a sealer, and it is this coating that disintegrates gradually, causing the yellowish, cloudy look to your headlight.

There is a simple idea behind headlight restoration which is removing the old coating and replacing it with a new one. Some people buy the do-it-yourself kits to try to do this, but the problem with that is that the kits will remove the old coating, but will not replace it with a new one. Any results you get are only temporary.

Brakemax will do Headlight Restoration Tucson, Arizona and suggests you allow the professionals to take care of restoring your headlights, for a quality finish that you can be proud of. Not only will they restore your headlights, they also provide other services such as radiator replacement, power steering, lube, oil and filter, hybrid vehicle service, shocks and struts, starter, tail lights, transmission, tune-ups, air conditioning, wheel alignments, diagnostic services, differentials, warning lights, alternator, battery service, hoses and belts, and many other auto repair services. They have 12 locations all over Tucson to serve you and look forward to taking care of your vehicle.

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