Auto Dealer Marketing Keeps the Focus on the Auto Industry

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Uncategorized


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Picture this; you’re in the middle of making a HUGE sale when you need to step away for a moment to handle some details of the transaction. Your show your client to the waiting area and invite them to watch some entertainment on the television while they wait. While you had them fully engaged in the conversation and ready to go – they’re now watching a silly sitcom that has totally taken them out of the middle things. They’ve become detached and distracted, and you may have some serious making up to do. You may not realize what an impact the programming on your dealership’s televisions have, and if you want to get the most out of each and every sale – it might be time to make some changes.

Customized Entertainment Solutions
Did you know that you can get customized programming for the televisions in your dealership? Auto dealer marketing has reached an all-new level, and there are plenty of cutting edge companies that offer unique solutions in this department. You can choose from a number of different programs, but there is a wide variety available and each one focuses on what your customer is there for: the auto industry! Whether you’d like to run digital promotions for specials happening at your dealership RIGHT NOW or informative pieces that inform customers about the importance of annual inspections – you’ll have the creative freedom to make your in-store network your own.

Highlight Your Vendors
While your customers wait, auto dealer marketing via the televisions in your waiting room can also deliver information about your trusted vendors and partners. If you’re looking to create and establish powerful relationships within the auto industry, what better way to do so? By letting customers know that these are products and services they can trust – you’re building that network and strengthening those relationships. You may also find yourself opening up a world of opportunity when it comes to potential partnerships down the line, as well! This is a unique form of advertisement that everyone in the industry will want to be involved with!

Virtual Test Drives
Like the scenario we discussed above, nothing is worse than having an engaged, interested customer and losing them to something relatively silly. Auto dealer marketing allows now for “virtual test drives” which will put your customer behind the wheel of a car while they sit in the waiting room. This can be a great way to reinforce, in their minds, what a great purchase they’re about to make!

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