Advantages Of Using an RV Extension Cord

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Auto Parts


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One of the biggest appeals of traveling in an RV is that it can be the complete hospitality package. When connected to the proper sources and water lines, an RV is like your own personal hotel room, complete with working toilet and electricity. However, these amenities all require a lot of power in order to work properly, which is why investing in a specifically designed RV extension cord is important.


One of the last things you want is an issue with your power cord. Common issues that can arise from an unreliable extension cord can range from the RV switching to using the car or engine battery, draining it entirely overnight, or a power surge damaging some or all of the complex systems and mechanisms inside the RV. Therefore, it’s important to get an extension cord that is designed for the workload and environmental stresses that RV living can demand.


Depending on where your travels lead you, and where your RV is plugged into during an overnight stay, the needs and shapes of the electrical plugs can vary. An especially unpleasant scenario is one where, after a long day on the road, your RV park’s outlets and your extension cord are not compatible, robbing you of the comfort, if not the necessities, of proper heating, cooling, or electricity. Having an RV extension cord as well as one or two RV plug adapters, can help you avoid this situation.


Of course, the greatest pleasure in owning and traveling in an RV is feeling somewhat detached from the convenience or chaos of civilization. Therefore, having a suitably long extension cord to give you the privacy you desire is important. RV extension cords come in a variety of lengths specifically created to give you the optimal freedom in choosing your campsite, where other generic power cords may literally fall short.

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