Why Would You Need 24-Hour Towing Service in Richmond, VA?

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Auto Repair


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There are many different ways for your vehicle to malfunction. The car is made of thousands of various moving parts. Also, there are incredible amounts of pressure and heat that build up inside of an engine. One of these moving parts can sometimes malfunction. If you are fortunate, it will be a simple problem such as a nail in your tire or a bad battery. However, there are cases when your vehicle will no longer be functional while you are away from your house. If your vehicle becomes inoperable, you will need to get it towed. You need someone who will pick you up from your location, and also someone who will take your vehicle to a mechanic to have it serviced. If this happens at some time other than normal business hours, you need a 24-hour towing service.

Business Hours

Car trouble often happens outside of business hours. Typically, you will notice car trouble when you are going to or from work. Alternately, you will notice it when you are traveling around on the weekend. By Definition, those are outside of business hours. That means you need to make sure that you have the phone number for a 24-hour towing service in Richmond, VA. They will be able to provide you with service no matter when your vehicle malfunctions.

Bruce’s Super Body Shops is an example of such a company. They provide towing services at any time of the day or night.

Towing a Vehicle

When you call a 24-hour towing service, it is very helpful if that company is also the body shop itself. That means you won’t have to pay to tow the vehicle to a shop and then pay the shop separately. You can combine your payments and streamline the process.

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