Why Does A Certified Pre-Owned Car Cost More?

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In recent years used car certification programs have increased rapidly, all major automobile manufacturers now have a program where they can offer certified pre-owned automobiles. These vehicles are different than a typical used car inasmuch as they are subjected to very stringent inspection programs before they are offered for sale. A certified pre-owned car costs more than a used car that does not carry this certification and there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

The condition of the car: A used Volkswagen in Frankfort is still used even though it is certified. A certified car must meet very specific standards that apply age restrictions, the odometer reading and the overall condition of the vehicle. Cars that do not meet the standards that have been set cannot be sold as such; the vehicle must be close to as-new condition inside and out as well as under the hood. The car history report as well as the report of the 112 point check that the vehicle was subjected to must be available and provided along with the car at the time it is sold.

A full inspection: A used vehicle that is selected for the certified pre-owned vehicle program is first subjected to a history check to make sure the car has a clean title with no encumbrances. If this report is clean then the dealer puts the car through an extensive inspection and all worn parts found at this time are replaced. The car is put through an interior and exterior reconditioning process that brings it as close to its “as new” condition as possible. Then and only then is it placed for sale.

Extended warranty: This is very important to most buyers; when a used Volkswagen in Frankfort is deemed a certified pre-owned vehicle there will be a warranty which extends the original warranty cover. In most cases the extended warranty, which in the case of Volkswagen is two years or a full 24,000 miles. The warranty is basically bumper to bumper which covers not only the power train but all other components that are not subject to everyday wear and tear as well.

Roadside assistance: When you purchase a traditional used car there are a number of “perks” that you do not get, one of which is 24 hour roadside assistance regardless of the odometer reading. This perk covers flat tire changing, jump starting the vehicle, removal to the nearest licensed dealer and other important provisions.

Any used Volkswagen that is sold under this certified pre-owned program are more expensive but when you consider what you are getting vs. a traditional used car the extra cost is well worth it. Browse the site website.com for more information.

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