Water as Alternative Fuel

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For the longest time, the brainiest of heads in the world struggled and debated over the topic of figuring out a technique to save gas and replace our dependency on it since it emits injurious carbons. Number of people recommended the use of a transfer kit on cars so as to enable the car to function on water. No surprise there, lots of people slammed it as ludicrous and impossible to create alternative fuel vehicles.

The question is, can we work our cars just on water? Yes, you can.

The procedure entails the setting up of a hydro generator. It electrolyzes the water which is stocked up in a tank that is located below the car hood. Here the water is transformed to HHO and this is arrested and transmitted inside the engine. Inside the engine the HHO is mixed with fuel. This combination is such that the burn is more efficient and this in turn enhances mileage while reducing injurious emissions.

Increasing number of people are beginning to think of alternative fuel vehicles. They are taking water as alternative fuel on a serious note and employ its usage, part of the reason also being the extreme prices of gas and petrol. People are unaware of the application of this alternative fuel and some of them are going ahead with it in order to avoid paying large sums for petrol and also in order to increase mileage.

The problem so far is skepticism but if you do decide on water to run your alternative fuel vehicle, you will not regret this breakthrough innovation!

Water Fuel

Water Fuel

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